Backdoor hiding in Flash installation - Having bothered Windows owners for 10 years, is now also on Mac

IT | May 8, 2017 | Master3395

But now Apple has finally done something.

April 30, we announced a new type of malware to MacOS who wondered Apple's security service Gatekeeper.

Snake is wondering Apple as the back door in April
"As more people use macOS, it's also more harmful - and this last, called the OSX.Dok, both antivirus and macOS ignore its" Gatekeeper "feature that prevents unauthorized apps from running.

This happens because the app's malware is signed with a valid developer certificate from Apple, which makes macOS not identify it as a threat, so it's not blocked, "we reported.

Now a new version is online in the form of a malware that claims to be a Flash installation. The back door was first to find for Windows, but the backmen have made a version for Apple's operating system as well.

You get Flash, but it's not the only one
The Snake Damage, as baptized to Windows, has infected Microsoft's OS since 2008, but is now also dangerous on Mac. Fortunately, not so bad, for Apple has finally taken the verification of the installation file, ie via Gatekeeper, so you can stop spreading a bit better.

What happens if you install the dangerous Adobe Flash Player.app.zip file is that you actually get Flash, but a version that is tampered with to allow the hackers to access your machine. Malwarebytes can help you find the back door.

If you have the damage, it has installed the following and starts by itself:

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Sources: 9to5mac

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