how to migrate cmsms news + comments to Pressroom (cms 2.3)

General | Aug 12, 2019 | Master3395

I've been using the combination news + comments as a sort of blog module. Because of the existence and migration i cms 2.3, I wanted to migrate my data to Pressroom. In the following part, I'll show/explain what I have done. 

The basis is to keep the numbering of news articles equal to cgblog articles. This because it helps you to 'link' comments being made to the blog article.

0. Create a backup of the database and store it in a safe place!!!!
1. Install CGFeedback
2. Insert News-items into Pressroom. Replace 'Your Name' with the writer of the article. In this case, all articles are written by me. If you have more writers, you have to add these names manually. (Or you can use a Custom Field, in order to use Autor name)

insert into cms_mod_pressroom_articles
(`id`, `title`, `content`, `news_date`, `summary`, `start_time`, `end_time`, `status`, `create_date`, `modified_date`, `extra`, `url_slug`)
`news_id`, `news_title`, `news_data`, `news_date`, `summary`, `start_time`, `end_time`, `status`, `create_date`, `modified_date`, `news_extra`, NULL
from cms_module_news

3. First, delete all rows from the cgblog_category table, so you have an empty table. Manual action.
4. Insert the news categories into the cgblog categories:

insert into cms_mod_pressroom_articles
(`id`, `name`, `parent_id`, `hierarchy`, `long_name`)
`news_category_id`, `news_category_name`, `parent_id`, `hierarchy`, `long_name`
from cms_module_news_categories

5. Insert the relation between the blog categories and the news categories:

insert into cms_mod_pressroom_articles
(`id`, `category_id`)
`news_id`, `news_category_id`
from cms_module_news

6. If you have made any field definitions in News, insert these into field defs. from the cgblog module:

insert into cms_mod_pressroom_fielddefs
(`id`, `name`, `type`, `create_date`, `modified_date`, `item_order`, `public`, `attrs`)
`id`, `name`, `type`, `create_date`, `modified_date`, `item_order`, `public`, `extra`
from cms_module_news_fielddefs

7. Insert the field values, if any:

insert into cms_mod_pressroom_fieldvals
(`cgblog_id`, `fielddef_id`, `value`, `create_date`, `modified_date`)
`news_id`, `fielddef_id`, `value`, `create_date`, `modified_date`
from cms_module_news_fieldvals

8. Make sure you add the correct sequent number:

insert into cms_module_cgblog_seq
from cms_module_news_seq

9. Change the author collum for every post, to your desired username. (new usernames won't be like this unless you manually change it)

UPDATE cms_mod_pressroom_articles
SET author_id = 'Admin'

[Note, this tutorial is not complete, you may comment or send us an e-mail if you have updates.]

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Author: Master3395


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