Apple lost patent dispute - does not own the "one more thing" phrase

General | Apr 25, 2019 | Master3395

Swatch won against Apple.

Apple and the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch have long disagreed, something we've written about earlier here at ITavisen. Apple took the swatch to court in 2017 after a quarrel about the advertising term "Tick Different", which Apple believed was much too much like their "Think Different". You can read more about the outcome of this case here.

Wrong about Steve Jobs expression
This time, the quarrel revolved around the phrase "one more thing". Swatch has used this phrase in some settings, and it has made Apple look red.

The phrase, originally used by Steve Jobs during the launch event, is not their trademark.

Apple has to pay
The patent office in Australia has rejected the patent application. It writes the Sydney Morning Herald.

As the application was rejected, Apple must pay the cost of the dispute.

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