Yep, it's already hacked

General | Dec 11, 2018 | Master3395

Sony tested all these games before release.

The mini console PlayStation Classic has been in the store shelves for almost three days, but now everyone has managed to hack it - so it's not unthinkable to play even more than the twenty pre-loaded games.

Hacked already
A Twitter user shared a video clip confirming that PlayStation Classic is hacked, using USB storage to display an image file from a game.

At ResetEra, it is written that it is currently a manual process but that this can be changed, but the fact that it is hacked already is a single big indication of lack or weakness.

Found many tested games
It's also yesterday's find a testament to when someone snatched in the source code and found 36 additional game titles that Sony has tested before publishing but failed to release the mini console. These include Crash and Gran Turismo as well as a whole host of decent classics who would more easily justify the purchase of the small console.

Among the titles are Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Medal of Honor. Not surprisingly, many are disappointed by the list of available games that eventually found their way to the console.

Have you purchased PS Classic? Please tell us what you think about it.

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