Aug 31, 2018

Forget password: Now you can sign in to your Microsoft account with Apple Watch


How to register to test.

Last year, Microsoft launched the useful Authenticator app for iOS and Android that allows you to log in without a password. Now it's also coming to Apple Watch.

Comes to Apple's smartphone
This means that you no longer have to enter their password when logging into their Microsoft account on, for example, a PC or device that you do not usually use.

If you have set up Microsoft Authenticator and installed the app on Apple Watch, you can get the request credentials directly on the smartphone. The app works just as iOS and Android by touching the number that matches the request from the login page.

Currently, Apple Watch app is only available to a variety of users, sign up here, but roll out to everyone in the coming weeks. The app is initially locked to personal accounts and corporate accounts like Office 365.

Do you use Microsoft Authenticator?

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sources: The Verge

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