May 19, 2017

This is what met British hospitals and organizations around the world

Must have done this with NSA tools.


Must have done this with NSA tools.

A number of organizations around the world have had their machines locked with a claim for loose pay of 2500 kroner.

Thousands of machines are affected by "WannaCry" kidnappings.

Spreads rapidly and globally
The reports now come from as many as 74 countries (the number is rising), including the United States, China, Britain, Russia and Spain.

Security researchers are quite certain that the attacks are related.

"This is a giant operation," says Jakub Kroustek of security company Avast above the BBC. Even hospitals must be affected, so this is clearly serious.

NSA crawler tools
Experts believe the attacks may be due to security leaks performed by "The Shadow Brokers" who claim online dumped hacking tools, derived from nothing less than NSA's computer systems.

Microsoft fixed the hole in March (EternalBlue), but it's always a challenge to make sure hundreds of thousands of machines have the freshest updates.

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