Oct 30, 2018

Look forward to super-charging next year

Increases from 18 to 32W.

Qualcomm Quick Charge gets much faster next year.


Increases from 18 to 32W.

Qualcomm Quick Charge gets much faster next year.

Quick Charge 5.0?
The Snapdragon manufacturer is going to launch chargers with the brand that will manage to deliver 32W! It's good from today's max of 18W while increasing the wireless charging speed to 15W.

"Triple Charge" calls Qualcomm technology, which is likely to be the name of the technology that will be found in Snapdragon 8150 and 855 launched next year.

Mate 20 already manages 40W
Huawei already manages to deliver 40W to its Mate 20 series (70 percent in less than 30 minutes), but this with its own technology.

Battery technology is quite quiet, so the solution so far is still plugged in or put into place - unless otherwise it's done faster.

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