Mar 19, 2018

MPAA: - This is the world's most popular pirate page

MPAA: - This is the world's most popular pirate page

Millions visit it every day.


MPAA: - This is the world's most popular pirate page

Millions visit it every day.

MPAA can market the enemy when they traveled to Vietnam to talk about illegal file sharing.

123movies are MPAA's big goals
Because when you target a website like 123movies, referring it to the biggest illegal movie site in the world, usage will increase and not fall.

123movies is one of those movie streaming pages that operates on a variety of domains (it also goes by the name GoMovies) and is thus difficult to remove - that the page is run from Vietnam, and not in Europe or the United States, makes it even hard to get rid of organizations like Hollywood's MPAA.

TPB has more visitors
It will probably be very difficult for MPAA to stop the page, but if they do, it's going to be a new one, but they try to collaborate with Vietnam's police authorities, and 123movies are one of the top goals, but not the only ones.

The chief charged with protecting the rights of the MPAA organization, Jan van Voorn, claims that 123movies.to has 98 million visitors a month.

MPAA says this to push the authorities in the country to remove a website that may be operated from there, but it is not true that it is the biggest, far from: The Pirate Bay had 282 million visitors in the same month according to similarweb.com.

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sources: TorrentFreak

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