Mar 6, 2018

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Goingrogue Hosting Company is a new web hosting, where you get good deals, on the plans.

You may see the plans on https://goingrogue.io/


Goingrogue Hosting Company is a new web hosting, where you get good deals, on the plans.

Below you can see the excellent cheap prices!

You may see the plans on https://goingrogue.io/

Below you may see some questions and replies from Going Rogue.

1. How long ago was Going Rogue founded?
Going Rogue was founded nearly two years ago as a personal project providing website development and contracted development work by the now CEO - Lewis. Throughout the years Going Rogue continued to provide these development services until February 2018 where the company was given an online appearance and website hosting was introduced.

2. What makes GoingRogue unique from any other website hosting service?
We strive to go out of our way to offer our clients many options that other hosts either lack on or don’t offer at all. Among those features, we pride ourselves on offering 100% pure SSD disk space, daily backups, 1,000Gbps DDoS protection, free SSL certificates, 200+ one-click install scripts, interactive website builder on all plans and most importantly - a plan for students and individuals who want to get their personal websites online!

3. Why should people switch from their current or sign up on goingrogue.io?
Signing up to Going Rogue is very easy and simple to do. We offer a range of cheap products from a penny tier designed for resumes, personal websites, or portfolios to an unlimited plan just under $10. Our infrastructure allows us to keep this low pricing but at a 99.99% website uptime; As we grow giveaways, promotions and more features will become more prominent.

4. How fast is supported?
Support with us is very quick and simple! We offer assistance via online tickets, Discord, and email. Plans to add many more options for users to contact us in the future for questions or for support are being implemented daily.

5. How do people contact goingrogue.io?
It is very easy to contact Going Rogue, you can do so via our Discord, website, fax, email, social media and many more platforms! Visiting our website goingrogue.io will always keep you up to date with the most recent information.

6. What social platforms, is Going Rogue using?
We primarily operate out of Discord - as we find it a very easy platform to communicate with either the staff or the community. Other than that you can find us on Twitter @goingrogueio and more social media platforms to come in the future!

7. How stable is Going Rogue?
Going Rogue has been successfully operating for well over two years as a development company and moving into web hosting was not a sudden transition. Our core staff has over 6 months of experience working alongside other hosting services, managing servers, and dealing with hosting clientele making us a very reliable option.

8. If someone is using Going Rogue web hosting as an illegal operation, what would Going Rogue do against that?
We do not take lightly to any type of illegal activity performed with or around our services. If you believe that an account or website hosted by us is performing illegal or sketchy acts you can report it by email ([email protected]). Please include the domain, the act that violates the law or our Terms of Service and the date of the report. We will contact you for further information if needed.

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