Oct 17, 2017

Here you download the Windows 10

How to get the update first.

Later today, the major update "Fall Creators Update" rolls out to millions of compatible Windows 10 devices. Xbox One users got the update yesterday.


How to get the update first.

Later today, the major update "Fall Creators Update" rolls out to millions of compatible Windows 10 devices. Xbox One users got the update yesterday.

Updated, 17:40:

For those who do not need a Norwegian version, you can already download the "Fall Creators Update" version 1709 directly from Microsoft's servers in the form of an ISO file so you can clean-install if you wish, or upgrade the current installation.


English international

Updated October 17th:

Microsoft writes on the Windows blog that the update is rolling out as of 19:00 tonight.

Launched today
When Microsoft opens the locks later today, it's not far away. As with "Creators Update," the update is available in pools. Devices that first get "Fall Creators Update" are Surface machines, newer PCs and PCs that came with Windows 10 preinstalled and have been tested with the update.

That means it's not certain that your PC will get the update automatically today, but it's quite possible to do it manually. Below are four methods to update to "Fall Creators Update" at:

Windows Update. The usual solution. Here's the update automatically for everyone who is in the first place. Open Settings - Update & Security - Windows Update - Touch Check for Updates.

See what's new in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update,

If the update does not appear here, you can check again later. Possibly you have these three possibilities:

Update Assistant. Download Update Assistant via Microsoft's web sites, run Windows10Upgrade.exe, select Update Now and follow the onscreen instructions. Before installing, check the program if your PC is ready for «Fall Creator Update».

Media Creation Tool. If you want to start with blank sheets with «Fall Creators Update», the Media Creation Tool is the choice. Download the file from Microsoft's web pages. Then double click on MediaCreationTool.exe and start the process. Note that you need a USB pen or DVD to install a clean version of Windows 10.

With the Media Creation Tool you can also upgrade directly.

Microsoft's testing program
The last option is the Windows Insider Program and is the best if you want "Fall Creators Update" now and at the same time want to get a snap on future Windows 10 news. Note that these are test editions and are not recommended on your main machine.

To join the Insider program, do the following: Open Settings - Update & Security - Windows Insider Program - Get started. From this menu you can choose which test branch you want to be in.

If it is the "Fall Creators Update" you want, select "Next version of Windows" under "What content do you want to receive?".

This is reporting Microsoft
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is packed with new solutions. Among these are improved Windows Ink, which allows you to write with the pen directly in PDF documents; a new "Find My Pen" service, "Continue on your PC" with Cortana * or the phone's browser, Microsoft Edge for a seamless cross-device experience. Additionally, the update includes enhanced security and privacy solutions, as well as accessibility enhancements such as Eye Control **.

Mixed Reality for the masses
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update introduces mixed reality for the masses. With mixed reality, Microsoft wants to change the way people create, communicate and play. Now Microsoft customers can free themselves from time and place, and enter into any environment. Paper and screen will not be the limitations of the good ideas.

Until today, any kind of practical use of mixed reality requires the use of a headset, and to create good virtual experiences, you have to mount cameras in all corners of the room. This is now changing with the availability of Windows Mixed Reality headset. Our partners, Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo, today launch the first Windows Mixed Reality headsets available in the Microsoft Store and at Microsoft.com from $ 399. Samsung's innovative mixed reality headset, Samsung HDM Odyssey, will be available from November 6th.

The Fall Creators Update also contains a Mixed Reality Viewer. This makes it easy to see the mixed reality on the PC. By using the camera on the PC, users can see 3D objects blended into their actual surroundings.
With both headset and mixed reality right on PC, now everything is in place to introduce the world to mixed reality. Travel, sports, concerts and gaming experiences can be lifted to a new level with content from over 20,000 apps in the Windows Store.

3D provides increased creativity and productivity
3D will boost human productivity to new levels, with possibilities that extend far beyond the 2D world. 3D is both useful and powerful because it shows the world the way we see it, and because 3D reinforces the way people understand, remember and learn.
With Fall Creators Update, Microsoft allows everyone to create in 3D.

Over 100 million people use Microsoft Paint every month, and with Paint 3D, everyone can bl

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