Sep 14, 2017

Finally, Google has done the smart Microsoft has done with its mobile browser for all years

Address bar at bottom with Chrome 61 on mobile.

Chrome 61 (61.0.3163.79) is now rolling out to mobiles and PCs.


Address bar at bottom with Chrome 61 on mobile.

Chrome 61 (61.0.3163.79) is now rolling out to mobiles and PCs.

Finally ready for big note 8
One of the biggest improvements is that Omnibox, or the advanced address bar, has now finally been moved to mobile (but only in the Android version) so it's easier to enter a new address or search - this has not been standard a long time is strange.

Windows Phone did this for a long time, but too few have followed. Kudos to Google developers for this.

Simpler when you do not understand the berry
A new translation tool has also been implemented, and perhaps most importantly: Developers have accessed the WebShare API (Developer Set). It allows web sites to use the embedded sharing menu available on Android.

Payment is also easier with PaymentRequest API on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. With the API, developers can more easily create secure online payment solutions.

Optimizes more for you
The Network Information API is also in place so that web pages can retrieve the network connection information to the device, while the Device RAM API ensures optimization of web apps to keep track of just memory usage.

It is also possible to share links and text between web pages and installed apps.

Another smart improvement is that video's now change to landscape mode when turning the phone horizontally.

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