Jul 22, 2017

Latest insider version of Windows 10 fixes blurred apps

And many other news. Windows has just released a new Insider version of Windows 10, version 16237, which should be available to Fast Ring users.
And many other news. Windows has just released a new Insider version of Windows 10, version 16237, which should be available to Fast Ring users. For those who prefer a more stable system, it's still worth keeping an eye on the Insider versions so you know what's coming in Fall Creator's Update this fall and it's getting a lot of news on the go. Fixes blurred apps Deze versie, onder meer, voegt een langverwachte oplossing voor wat er gebeurt wanneer u "resize tekst, apps en andere items," als het is in Windows. Als u de puntenschaling in Windows verandert, worden de apps, en vooral oudere apps, blurend geworden als ze de oude puntscaling blijven gebruiken. Dette kan automatisk ske når du kobler til en ekstern skjerm eller en bærbar enhet, og kan derfor være spesielt irriterende. Tidligere, du måtte lukke alle apps og logge på igen for at opdatere apps med den nye DPI-indstilling, men nu er dette lidt bedre. Not perfect yet In deze versie hoef je alleen de apps te sluiten en ze opnieuw te updaten zodat ze weer scherp worden. Det vil fortsatt si at det ikke er perturbed, og det virker ikke med alle apps. For eksempel, apps som blurer på sekundære displays, er ikke hjulpet av den nye funksjonen, men det er litt mindre smertefullt enn å måtte lukke alt og logge inn igjen. Edge and Emojier Andere nieuws in de laatste versie is dat Edge nu kan lezen zeer van webpages en PDF's, maar we gaan ervan uit dat dit alleen werkt in het Engels voor zo lang. [b][img]uploads/news/id519/windows10-insider-emojier.gif[/img][/b] It has also been possible to use emojier in the emoji panel by entering keywords, and emojier has become searchable. If you hold your mouse over an emoji, you will also get an explanatory text that tells you what it conceives, which may be useful for navigating a lot of different emojies. Graphics Card Performance Panel In Task Manager, there has also appeared something that many people need to use third-party apps like GPU-Z to get: A graphics card page has come under the Performance tab. [b][img]uploads/news/id519/907a0eb4efdf75df8a8ceaa8f93b1739.png[/img][/b] Here you can see the load on the graphics card and how much memory is used. You can [url=https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/07/07/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-16237-pc/#1bWlOBgyjLm2a770.97]see the full list of updates and fixes on the Windows blog.[/url]

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