Jul 8, 2017

Facebook will prevent anyone from messing up your profile picture

Testing new function.

Facebook wants to stop people stealing profile profiles to others.


Testing new function.

Facebook wants to stop people stealing profile profiles to others.

Profile Picture Protection
Now the social media tests a new feature that will prevent this. Currently, testing is taking place in India, and Facebook users in the country are now seeing a new "profile picture guard" selection on the profile page.

When this feature is enabled, no-one will be able to save your image directly or take a screenshot with an Android device. Additionally, people who are not on your friends list could not tag your profile photo no matter what your settings are.

Tested in India
To make it clear to others that a profile image is protected, Facebook will show a blue border and a shield over the image to indicate that it is protected. Furthermore, the company collaborates with illustrators to create designs that you can add over the image. It turns out that there is less chance that someone will copy a profile image that is covered with patterns.

The reason for this is reports from security organizations that say that more women in India do not feel comfortable sharing a picture that can be seen by two billion users and they are worried about how the image can be misused.

Facebook is looking at the ability to roll this feature to its users globally.

Do you want to protect your profile picture in a similar way? Has anyone ever copied it?

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