Jun 17, 2017

Facebook blocked account to journalist after corruption claims

- The response was amazing. I have not experienced similar.


- The response was amazing. I have not experienced similar.

Days after Matthew Caruana Galizia released a series of posts on Facebook where he brought corruption claims against Malta's Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, he was banned from the social media.

In addition, several of the journalist's critical post was deleted.

The account was canceled
Galizia was the people behind the Panama Papers case last year, and his corruption claims come only weeks before Malta resigns.

The reason he chose to post the posts on Facebook was because he felt that the case was not adequately covered and wanted to reach a larger group of readers.

- The response was amazing. I have not experienced similar, he says in a statement.

Facebook investigates the posts
After Galizia put out the allegations, Prime Minister Muscat threatened to sue the journalist for defamation. A few days later, Galizia's account on Facebook was suspended.

It is uncertain whether the Maltese authorities have affected the case, but Facebook states in a statement to The Verge:

"We investigate these posts and we've talked to Mr. Caruana Galizia so he can publish what he needs without including unnecessary personal details that could pose a security risk." If we find that we have done something wrong, we correct them.

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sources: The Verge, The Guardian

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