May 28, 2017

WikiLeaks releases information about new spyware from CIA - for Windows 10

Can track and load applications.


Can track and load applications.

On Friday, WikiLeaks released a new dump of information in its Vault 7 program with information from CIA's hacking program.

«Athena» and «Hera»
"Athena" and "Hera" are two programs that can be installed on computers from Windows XP and up to Windows 10, which offers both tracking features and the ability to load multiple applications.

That is, an attacker can gain more or less full control over a Windows 10 PC and will be able to steal data and send it wherever one may wish, as well as to delete data and perform further attacks by loading more applications.

"Once installed, it offers" beacon "capability (including configuration and task management), uploading and downloading multiple programs for specific tasks, and delivering and retrieving files to and from a particular directory on the target system," writes WikiLeaks on a map statement.

Includes no code
The software was developed by the cyber-security company Siege Technologies between 2015 and 2016. The company must have described itself as "focusing on the delivery of offensive cyber-war technologies," while their website today focuses on protecting organizations from just spyware.

However, Wikileaks released this time do not appear to include any specific code that they have released several times before their leaks.

Prove the existence of Windows 10 hack
On the other hand, they have released a user guide, a technology overview, and more other documents about how the CIA software works, but there is currently no security threat to common users as the software itself is not published.

What WikiLeaks has revealed, however, is that such software exists and that Windows 10 is hacked with spyware from the CIA.

«Different from bombs»
WikiLeaks has also published a previous email from Jason Syversen, who formed Siege Technologies, where he says, among other things:

"I feel more comfortable working with electronic warfare. It's a bit different from bombs and nuclear weapons - which is a morally complicated field. "

"Instead of bombing things and accidentally hurting, we can now reduce reducing civilian losses, which is a victory for all."

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