Apr 28, 2017

This may have revealed everything about iPhone 8 - can get much bigger battery capacity thanks to this trick

Beware of fake performance tests.

There have appeared drawings that apparently reveal how the iPhone 8 looks inside.


Beware of fake performance tests.

There have appeared drawings that apparently reveal how the iPhone 8 looks inside.

Not surprisingly, the GeekBench test is fake. Source: 9to5mac.

Interesting battery drainage
The forms reveal the A11 chip, 3D Touch, WiFi chip, NAND flash memory, two speakers at the end of the device at the charging input, and not least two battery devices: one part takes up almost the entire left side of the handset while part two is located below SIM card holder

To accommodate larger batteries, the iPhone 8's motherboard is stacked on each other to save space, this is not something Apple made with iPhone 7.

Yes, it was this finger sensor too. It is still rumored that Apple puts it on the back to have a lot of panel in the front while the leaked images reveal that the finger sensor module is located on the back of the panel (just above the Lightning port) as previously rumored for several months already.

Can get incredibly fast
There are also Slashleaks-makers who will have found what may be the first GeekBench test of iPhone 8.

We can not confirm the form leak or the numbers from GeekBench (this is very easy to Photoshoppe - it is also claimed that the device runs iOS 11 as we first get to know something about WWDC June 5th), but let's take a look:

The mobile should be clocked to 2.74GHz (up from 2.34GHz) and have four cores and the model name is probably 10.6. Also, the iPhone 7 has quad core chipset, but only two cores are in use.

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