Apr 27, 2017

Google is not alone - Microsoft also wants to block ads

Must get rid of what companies think are annoying ads.


Must get rid of what companies think are annoying ads.

Earlier this week, we wrote about rumors about Google's alleged efforts to block ads that "give users a bad online experience". This blocking feature should be built directly into the Chrome browser.

Not just Google
Now it appears that Google is not alone in developing such a feature. According to AdAge, Facebook and Microsoft, as well as other members of the Coalition for Better Ads, are planning to implement ad blocking into browsers.

These tools will not be like regular blockers that thwart all the ads but will instead block all ads that violate "Better Ads Standards" set by Coalition for Better Ads.

Annoying ads
Here are the popup windows, videos played automatically with sound and the like without countdown.

The goal here is to remove these types of ads that break the experience to customers online. To be honest, such ads may potentially harm and destroy the wide online ecosystem, "says Stu Ingis, Venate LLP attorney at AdAge.

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sources: AdAge

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