Apr 21, 2017

How Microsoft wants to "kill" the passwords

Safer than passwords and easier than two-step verification.


- Safer than passwords and easier than two-step verification.

Microsoft has updated the Auhtenticator app, which allows you to log in to your account without password.

Login without password
It has previously been rumored that the company wants to "get rid of" the passwords, among other things, they have started to turn down on simple variants, and the updated app is a good step towards this.

After you download the app, you must register your account there. Once done, you can use it the next time you log in to your Microsoft account:

Enter your username as usual, but instead of entering your password, you will receive a notification on your device that you must approve.

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- Safer
In a blog post, Microsoft writes that this is easier than usual two-step verification and significantly much safer than just a password.

Microsoft Authenticator is available for Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS.

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