Apr 1, 2017

Microsoft sued again for Windows 10 Upgrade

Claims that PCs, hard drives and software stopped working.


Claims that PCs, hard drives and software stopped working.

Courthouse News writes that a group of residents in Illionois dishes a class action lawsuit against Microsoft on the basis of the company's methods to get users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Plaintiff Microsoft for Windows 10
The plaintiffs claim that the upgrade ruined their PCs and made them less productive, resulting in unplanned expenses and lost time.

In the lawsuit claims the group that Microsoft forced them to upgrade Windows by providing frequent pop-up messages masquerading as security updates. These were hard to avoid and remove - even for technical users - and gave them no choice to refuse the upgrade or remove pop-up messages.

See also: Windows 10-madness continues: over 1.2 million complaints about auto-installation.

Hard disk and software stopped working
Some in the group also claims the upgrade was installed without their consent and that they did not get the opportunity to roll back to the previous version of Windows that came installed on the PC.

Stephanie Watson, the leader of the class action, says that the hard drive her was destroyed after Windows 10 was installed without her consent. This meant that she had to buy a new PC.

Robert Saiger, another person behind the lawsuit, saying that his programs stopped working after the upgrade. He chose, however, to accept the upgrade.

Woman won similar case last year
The group consists of over 100 people and they want more than 5 million dollars in damages from Microsoft.

In 2016 there was an American woman who sued Microsoft forced Windows 10 upgrade - she won her case.

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