Mar 31, 2017

How CIA hacked MacBook and iPhone

New leaks from WikiLeaks' Vault 7.


New leaks from WikiLeaks' Vault 7.

For roughly two weeks came a gigantic leak from WikiLeaks that reveals how the CIA to spy on iPhone, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux and wireless routers.

Hacked MacBook and iPhones
Meanwhile, did WikiLeaks clear that there will be more leaks in the future, and this week the group has published information about the methods the CIA used to hack the iPhone and MacBook.

One of the tools was called "Sonic Screwdriver" and was used to infect MacBook via USB or Thunderbolt connector and it seems that the CIA was forced to physical access to the PC. "DarkSeaSkies" is another method and were installed directly to the computer's firmware. That way it remained hidden from normal investigative techniques.

Here too, had CIA operators have physical access to the device.

Sealed long
iPhone should have been harder to crack. One of the tools used was "Night Skies" and this was installed on the device before it was sold to the consumer. Here it was only the iPhone 3G that was the goal.

In a statement rejecting Apple that they have been negotiating with WikiLeaks and the aforementioned products are no longer vulnerable to attacks.

Among other things, the alleged iPhone 3G weakness have been fixed when 3GS was launched in 2009, and studies conducted by the company shows that the MacBook weakness previously been fixed for all devices released after 2013.

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