Feb 28, 2017

The world's most annoying sound is 20 years. Do you remember this?

Maybe not the best news.


There have actually been 20 years since Swedish Daniel Malm Dahl got the dubious honor of having found the world's most annoying sound.

He was a student and tried to recreate the sound of a combustion engine. The result he embarked on his own website and where it was discovered by a Swedish television channel, writes Metro.

But it would still be years before it really took off. In 2003, the sound used by another Swedish student, Erik Wernquist. He animated a little blue frog to the sound and called it "The Annoying Thing".

In 2004, the blue frog named "Crazy Frog" and within a short time had all paid 15 million to get it as a ringtone.

In 2005, the song Axel F remixed by "Crazy Frog" and this was one of the year's biggest hits. It reached first place among others in England, and in native country Sweden.

We caution already now that you're going to get this song on the brain, whether you want to or not.

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