Feb 15, 2017

How they find out if it is pirated material on Google Drive

User Hash matching files.


User Hash matching files.

Google Drive lets you store large and small files for private use and sharing, and has become quite popular among file-sharers.

Sometimes the other hand, know that the file can not be uploaded, and then the question is: How did Google the file was pirated?

Failed to upload movie
TorrentFreak has been notified by a reader that he did not get uploaded pirated Hollywood movie to share it on Google Drive, and decided to investigate.

Instead of getting a link to the file, they were instead told that this file broke against Google Drives guidelines - so how this is done?

Commenting no details
- We do not comment on the details of the anti-piracy mechanisms in Drive, the answer from a Google spokesman.

TorrentFreak other hand, found the answer in a Copyright Office Roundtable discussion that took place in San Francisco last year when Google was asked about the anti-piracy work their.

User hash matching
Here pointed Elizabeth Valentina from Fox Entertainment Group that they could use hash filtering to make a big difference in taking down videos.

Google lovdirektør copyright Fred Von Lohman, did not deny this, but said that Google Drive is already using hash matching to detect pirated material:

- I just want to note that, unlike Ms. Valentinas assertion, Google Drive hash matching. So we're doing this as a voluntary act.

unique signatures
There came no more detail than that, but it would then say that Google stores hash signatures for content that they received removal notifications. These hash signatures are unique to each file, making it possible to identify files accurately.

So when a file is first taken down, it will therefore be impossible to upload multiple copies, since file hash is unique to that file and all copies.

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