Feb 13, 2017

Google plans to Spring Clean - millions of Android apps can be removed

Has given developers a final deadline.


Has given developers a final deadline.

According to a letter Google sent out to developers, and that The Next Web has had access to, it seems that the search giant is planning a little cleaning up in the Play Store.

Lacking privacy policy
The letter warns Google developers that their applications can either be removed or have "limited view" in the popular app store.

The reason why apps removed, is mainly that they lack approved Privacy Policy. And many of them are so-called zombie apps that are often copies of others, popular apps. In addition, apps get downloads where developers simply do not bother to create rules for privacy.

Has set a deadline
Google asks developers it comes to design proper privacy policy before 15 March, ie about a month. After that the company will perform "administrative actions" that at worst result in the app being removed from the Play Store.

According extras there were 2.6 million apps in Google Play Store last December.

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