Feb 11, 2017

Over 11,000 have supported this adapter on Kickstarter

Do the old headphones Wireless.


Do the old headphones wireless.

It was not all that was equally thrilled that the iPhone 7 comes without audio output, but in spite of it sells Apple more iPhones than ever.

adapter Jack
Several manufacturers have tried to come up with the solution that provides "audio output back to the iPhone 7", including covers with integrated connector.

Podo Labs takes a different approach. On Kickstarter, they have launched the product "Jack", an adapter that allows the earplugs your wireless. This includes products such as TV and speakers.

«Jack» works in the way that you connect the headphones their to them, then you can pair the adapter with Bluetooth device's whether it's a smartphone, PC or tablet. The battery is of 300 mAh, which should keep to 12 hours playback.

Kickstarter success
"Jack" has two connectors: standard audio output to connect to earbuds, speakers and so on, and a micro-USB for charging. In addition, it has a clip so you can attach it to your shirt or perhaps jacket.


Connect the earplugs to Jack and pair the adapter with your phone.
Connect the earplugs to Jack and pair the adapter with your phone. (Ill .: Podo Labs)
And so far, it appears that more people want such a product as "Jack." It took no more than three hours before Podo Labs had achieved the target of 20, 000 dollars on Kickstarter. At this writing, the campaign has collected over 515,000 dollars from over 11,000 supporters.

video playback

You can find the project here.

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