Jan 9, 2017

Microsoft includes 802.11ad support in Creators Update

New networking technology can provide up to 8Gbps bandwidth.


New networking technology can provide up to 8Gbps bandwidth.

The next major update for Anniversary Update last year are Creators Update sometime during the next few months.

802.11ab comes Creators Update
Much, however, has already released the update to come, and Microsoft has not been too shy to talk about the news itself.

According to last month's WinHEC conference in China, Microsoft will introduce support for the new Wi-Fi protocol 802.11ad.

This promises higher speeds over shorter distances, since it uses the extra high frequency of 60 GHz, while the current network technologies using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

No restrictions on manufacturers
Thus 802.11ad boasting bandwidths of up to 8 Gbps - which is almost as much as offered by 10Gbps wired networks.

Now that Microsoft announces support in Windows 10, it is in other words a free-for manufacturers of networking equipment to create routers with this standard.

We expect to see 802.11ad hardware about as soon as Microsoft is ready with the latest update - that in a few months.

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sources: Neowin PC World

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