Jan 9, 2017

Soon Windows 10 a new interface, and it looks like this

MSPoweruser has obtained images of Project Neon, a project internally that Microsoft two spice up your Windows 10-boundary race.


MSPoweruser has obtained images of Project Neon, a project internally that Microsoft two spice up your Windows 10-boundary race.

This looks promising
As they point out: This is not a gigantic overhaul of the whole design, but a scrub.

That said, it is easy to see that Microsoft now feels more at home with Windows 10 interface, and has been able to maintain it quite so good Neon.

Embeds animations as part of Design
The focus is animation, simplicity and the design is continued in all nooks and crannies of the OS.

Many will nod when they hear Aero Glass, and now Microsoft has in a way taken this back to tens of a component they call "Acrylic". The feature adds depth effect behind open applications, so you can glimpse a bit through them.

Back to Aero
Different parts of the app grades the transparency of the background of the app on to the app or other aspects of the service, whichever developer wants to focus on and what is presented.

In fact, you've used Microsoft's music streaming app Groove you have already seen the UI future of Microsoft's universe.

To shape Home Hub
We have previously written about Neon in conjunction with Microsoft Home Hub: Company secret grand plan to take Google and Amazon.

To summarize looking apps very elegant and clean, but Microsoft collects a lot of depth effects and transparency. What do you think about that?

The first apps, Microsoft's own with Neon, will first appear in Windows 10 Redstone 3 Redstone 3 coming later this year, after lanserinegn of Creators Update (Redstone 2) to be launched in April. So this is quite far away.

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