Jun 10, 2016

This web line test examines important things others doesn't

More detailed than the competition.


As more print in the comments, will not this test went perfectly straight answer since the checks to American servers.

Test «everything»

Sourceforge has a new web line test that takes things to a new level. In addition to testing the ordinary that down and opphastighet and ping, it checks also things like jitter, Buffer Bloat and packet loss.

Another thing that distinguishes Sourceforge test from others, is that it neither requires Flash and Java. Everything is HTML5 based.

When tested one is first presented figures in a traditional way. You can also tap the "View details" for a more overview of the test. Look below.


DownQuality of downloading. UppQuality of upload.

PingRound Trip Time.QualityQuality online.


authorarticle: Master3395


keywords: speedtest, faster, details

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