Aug 15, 2019

Twitter hints at upcoming special features on iOS

Support for Live Photos is among them.


Support for Live Photos is among them.

Yesterday, Twitter held an event in which they went into great detail on selected features they work on. Among other things, they should have given a sneak peek at the possibilities of using Live Photos as well as being able to follow specific topics.

Put together your own lists
Being able to follow specific themes on the platform is one of the more important news. The company said that users can choose to follow themes such as sports, celebrities, TV shows, too - in the way relevant content appears on your timeline. This feature should already be in the test for Android, where they have the ability to follow various sports teams and events related to sports.

Another variant somewhat related to this is an opportunity for users to compile their own lists with specific interests to follow these more closely.

Other new features
Support for Live Photos has also been confirmed, after being rumored in March. It is uncertain when this feature will roll out in an update, but it is on its way and probably available if not for too long.

Other features were briefly featured, including one that allows the user to search instant messaging as well as one where you can reorganize photos in a Twitter post.

Several of the new features that were given a sneak peek of yesterday have been previously reported and detailed by Jane Wong, who often has insight into new features and such before it goes public. Nevertheless, official information from Twitter itself, which has now put together what may be reminiscent of a roadmap for the microblogging site in the future.

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