Jun 25, 2019

New charging technology fills 4000mAh battery in record time

We have not seen faster speed charging than this.


We have not seen faster speed charging than this.

The Chinese fast-charging competition got a new player last night when Vivo announced the Super FlashCharge 120W.

Many claims - get evidence
Vivo claims their technology charges 13 minutes to recharge a battery with 4000mAh battery capacity, without detailing how the technology works or how it differs from today's technology.

It is the product manager of the Chinese company who sent a video to Weibo, where a phone is charged from about ten percent to 14 percent in almost 16 seconds. Their best so far available in a commercially available mobile is 44W charging with their iQOO gaming phone equipped with a 4000mAh battery and fully charged in 45 minutes.

Appears next week
A great competitor is found in Xiaomi, which in March announced a 100W system that charged a similar battery in 17 minutes, but this technology has not been used in a sales-ready phone so far. The mobile phone that can be purchased today and the fastest is Oppo's Find X Lamborghini Edition, which comes with Super VOOC charger, which charges the phone's 3400mAh battery in 35 minutes.

Vivo is expected to demonstrate Super FlashCharge 120W and the technology behind it next week's MWX in Shanghai, where they are also expected to launch their first 5G unit.

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sources: The Verge

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