Jul 31, 2016

Pokemon Go update: footprints gone, customizable avatars and more

Tired of all those Pokemon Go bugs? Things are getting a little better with the latest update to version 0.31.0, which comes with a plethora of fixes and improvements. Some changes may be more welcomed than others, but at least we know Niantic Labs is working on improving the app.


Here is the full change log: 

Definitely one of the coolest changes is that we are now able to customize our avatars whenever we want. This was something we could only do when creating a profile, which meant users had to stick to their avatar and regret their decisions later. Now you can go back and easily change your clothes in the user profile section.

Something else that catches our eye is the removal of the footprints for nearby Pokémon. What’s up with that? How are you supposed to know how close a pocket monster is?! Well, you will just have to keep walking to find out. The footsteps feature became an issue when it stopped working some weeks ago, and of course Niantic thought the best solution was to get rid of it altogether.

The rest of the fixes are more minor, but very welcomed. After all, the popular app seems to be full of issues, so we are happy to see updates coming constantly. As usual, the update is rolling out in stages, so be patient (or not). Now, when will I be able to trade Pokémon?

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